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Running and Eating on the Web November 10, 2008

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Two of my favorite things are running and eating.¬† (I run so I CAN eat!) ūüôā¬† So, I thought I’d share a couple of websites that I visit regularly that involve these two things.¬†

The first one is mapmyrun.com.¬† You can go here and enter your address or the address where you run and actually map out your running course.¬† The website will tell you your mileage and if you know your time, you can find out your pace.¬† I love this because I enjoy running different routes.¬† For me, running is very mental and if I know exactly where I am and how far I have before my run is over, I get psyched out.¬† (Barry and Jacklynn are the opposite…they like to run a straight road, out and back).¬† I’ve found this website to be pretty accurate and I love that it can map ANY course in the U.S.

The other website that I visit often is allrecipes.com.¬† I have used the website so many times when I don’t know what to make for dinner and I only have a few ingredients on hand.¬† They have a handy-dandy ingredient search where you type in the ingredients you have and it will pull up all of the recipes with those ingredients.¬† It has¬†also come in handy when I want to make mac n’ cheese or chicken enciladas.¬† I just type in what I want and I can choose from dozens of different recipes.¬† My all-time favorite recipe for Baked Ziti came from this website.¬† Super easy and always a crowd pleaser!

So, for all you runners…if you didn’t already know about mapmyrun, give it a try.¬† And for all you non-runners, we all like to eat, right?¬† So enjoy your recipe searching!


This is for all my blog readers… November 9, 2008

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I just sat at my computer for 45 minutes and started typing a nice, long post to catch everyone up on what’s been going on in my life for the past 3 weeks.¬†¬†I had a nice little post going on when the entire thing deleted.¬† I’m not sure what happened, but¬†all of a sudden I was staring at a blank screen.¬†¬†So, since I’m not going to retype everything (and since Barry tells me people don’t like to read long-winded posts), I’ll just recap what we’ve been up to!

  • I finished my second triathlon on October 25th.¬† Still hate the water, but I did well in the bike and run, finishing 6th in my age group!¬†
  • The kids had so much fun trick-or-treating.¬† Emma was a pop star, Ansley was Cinderella and Jackson was Prince Charming.¬† Only he wasn’t so charming by the end of the night with lollipop and tootsie roll slobber all over his white shirt and in his hair!


  • Emma and Ansley finished up their soccer season yesterday.¬† We were proud of both of them for doing their best every week.¬† Emma played on an all boys’ team this year and she held her own!¬† When we told Ansley that it was her last game yesterday, her response was, “Yea!¬† I wonder what we’re having for snack?”¬†
  • Barry and I attended the C3 volunteer dinner Friday night and listened to Byron share about the C3 Christmas project.¬† You can read more about it here.¬†I am so excited to be a part of a movement that is truly Connecting the Community with Christ!¬†
  • As I turned another year older today, I was reminded once again how truly blessed I am.¬† I have the best husband, family and friends!¬† Thanks for making my day extra special.
  • I really am going to try to be a better blogger.¬† Vanessa¬†even gave me a blogging award a few weeks ago.¬† One that I haven’t been able to accept yet because I haven’t fulfilled the requirements.¬† (Sorry, Vanessa!)¬† I’ll get on that as soon as I think of some more random stuff about myself that I don’t mind sharing on the world-wide web!
  • We’re taking Emma to her first FSU game next weekend.¬† She’s so excited!¬† Hopefully the Noles won’t disappoint
  • I am completely addicted to facebook right now.¬† I have reconnected with several people that I knew in high school, plus it’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with people I don’t get to talk to every day.¬†

Hope everyone has a good week…I’ll try not to let 3 weeks go by until I blog again.¬† But if I do, you can find me on facebook!


Random Things About Me October 15, 2008

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(that you may or may not want to know!)

  • I LOVE black beans and rice.¬† Seriously.¬† I could eat it for every meal.¬† I top it with sour cream and salsa.¬† YUM!
  • I read every issue of Reader’s Digest cover to cover.¬† I especially enjoy “Word Power”.
  • I love my retro cell phone.¬† I just recently learned to text.¬† And I’m not THAT old.
  • I actually enjoy the episodes of Hannah Montana and Suite Life that I watch with my kids.
  • I would go to bed every night at 9:30 and sleep a good 11 or 12 hours if I had the option.
  • I can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in my sink.
  • Elmo on Sesame Street still makes me smile.
  • I hate driving a mini-van…I only have 1 year, 10 months and 2 weeks to go.¬† Hopefully the Sienna will hold out that long.
  • Gossip magazines are one of my guilty pleasures.
  • I could eat guacamole by the spoonful.
  • My main motivation for exercising is food.
  • I fall asleep in 95% of the movies we rent.¬† Even the ones I choose.
  • Even though we live only 30 minutes from the beach, my first choice of vacations is always the beach.

I’m guilty… October 13, 2008

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of judging. 

This was the subject in church yesterday…one of the things Jesus teaches that is so hard to live out.¬† I’ve¬†loved every sermon in the series that Byron is doing now.¬† It has been the most challenging and convicting for me personally, from “love¬†your enemies” to “take up¬†your cross and follow Me” to¬†yesterday’s subject…”do not judge“.¬†

All of these are passages that I’ve heard and read since I was a little girl in Sunday School.¬† However, these are probably the hardest principles to live out as a follower of Christ.¬† It’s easy to SAY, “Do not judge”, but what does that look like in my life right now?¬† For me personally, I need to practice the principle of compassion.¬† Just like Jesus had with the woman caught in the act of adultery.¬† There was no condemnation, only love and compassion.¬† And because Jesus spoke to her with love and compassion, she¬†listened.¬†

Sure, I have compassion for those that I love, but what about the people who are different from me?¬† People who look differently, act differently, or (gasp!) think differently than me?¬† In the “church” world, Sundays are usually a day that you go to your church and everyone looks, acts and thinks just like you.¬† One of the many things that I love about C3 is that you will find ALL kinds of people.¬† (Isn’t that what heaven will look like?)¬† At C3, our motivation to reach others is¬†to bring them into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and the way we do that is by loving them, free of judgement.¬† I’m thankful for a place that people can come and feel safe, not judged.

As I practice this principle of compassion, I pray that I can show others (those who know Christ AND those who don’t) that true compassion can never be used in the same breath as condemnation.


Just a few things… October 9, 2008

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I’m thinking about today…

I miss my husband…wish I could be with him at Catalyst!

My kids are awesome.¬† Emma is so mature and responisible, it’s scary.¬† Ansley has been sick and very cuddly this week.¬† Jackson says “I luh loo” (translation:¬† I love you) all the time with a big smile on his face.¬†

I’m so grateful for my friends.¬† I’m glad I know who my friends are and that I can count on them.

Chocolate and coffee should have their own food group and have a daily recommendation equal to that of fruit and vegetables…I’m just sayin’… ūüôā


I’m ready for election day to be here.

I’m looking forward to my triathlon on Oct. 25, but really I’m looking forward to NOT training afterwards!

…just a few random thoughts rolling around in my head today…


Happy Birthday, Mom! October 7, 2008

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Today is my mom’s birthday, so I wanted to give a little shout-out to her!¬† I won’t announce how old she is…you wouldn’t believe me, anyway, she looks at least a decade younger than she really is.¬† (One of the many characteristics I hope I inherit!)

Growing up my mom and I were always close.¬† We always spent a lot of time together.¬† Whether it was shopping, cooking, talking or just hanging out, I remember always wanting to be with her.¬† As I’ve gotten older and have become a mom myself, I appreciate her even more.¬†¬† I am so thankful for the role she has played in my life and for the role she is playing in my childrens’ lives.

Mom, thank you so much for the encouragement you have been to me and for all of the advice you have given me,¬† whether it’s about cooking, raising children, how to be an encouragement to my husband, or being a part of ministry.¬† Thank you for your listening ear and your wisdom over the years.¬† Thank you for showing me how to love God, love my family and love other people more.¬† I love and appreciate you more than you know.¬† Happy birthday!


Funny Friday September 26, 2008

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I was introduced to Bon Qui Qui yesterday and thought I would share.¬† This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while…enjoy!